Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bring On The Tatas!!

So I've been thinking about getting them pierced for months. After breastfeeding or being pregnant for 3 years and 5 months straight, I needed to do something totally non-parental, non-functional with the ole funbags. So what better way to perk up a pair of old saggy, baggy, used up titties than poking holes in them! Since I have a fondness for self-mutilation by way of piercing and tattooing, I decided to go for it and got them pierced. I've got these very cute little hoops in them now.

I finally worked up the cajones to get it done last night. So Tim called around, found a place to get it done. I went. The old guy there was awesome. Made it seem like standing half naked in front of a perfectly good stranger (that wasn't a doctor) was a perfectly normal thing. I don't know why I was so worried about some stranger seeing the goods. Seriously. Once you see one you've seen them all. For the most part, unless there's some weird misshapen one, then you definatly should see. Anyway, he's cleaning and marking dots and talking about his 4 marriages to 3 women. That's right, he went back for seconds with one. You can figure how that one worked out for him. Anyway, he got it all ready, his stuff all out. He says, "Close your eyes and go to a happy place", and it was done. Well almost done. I did have a 3 inch needle pretty much skewering my nip but for the most part it was done. He slipped the hoop in and bada boom bada bing it was done. Left nipple done. Right nipple to go. Basically went the same, except this time the conversation turned to Tim, Iraq, and war in general. Blah.

In retrospect, I really wish I had taken a pic of that 3 inch needle. It was awesome, in a very morbidly awesome way.

And just in case my mother is reading this... Hey Mom! Sure I made you proud with this one! Heh.

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