Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to Serious

So he left again this morning. This time for 40 days... and 40 nights. It's like some twisted take on that movie. Except for the whole being married bit and having nothing to do with giving up sex for lent. I give up sex for the United States Military. How's that for patriotic!! Because of said military, my sex life is going pretty much belly up for the remainder of 2009. With the exception of the week here and there when Mr. Man can get leave to come... well perform his husbandly duties. Ha!

So 40 days and 40 nights. I have to manage to get this house packed up and ready to go. The Pod will be here on May 1. The man will be home on May 22 and we're leaving May 27. So that gives us exactly 5 days to get things finished up around here. Fun times. Or not.

Not only do I have to do all this packing, but I have to do all my other normal things at the same time. I have to make sure my children don't run rogue around the neighborhood. Well at least not I & J. C can run wild. He's survived my parenting, or lack of, skills for the past 9 years, he's earned a little freedom.

Once we finally get done here, we're driving to San Antonio to pick up my stepson H along with his Brother M and Sister C. They're going to go the rest of the way to AZ with us, where the other two kids dad is going to pick them up. Again, more fun times. Which brings me to, after May 27 or so, please begin sending all mail to the nut hut. I'm sure I will be spending more time THERE than with my outlaws.

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