Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who Does This?!?

It's heartbreaking. To see that something you have worked so hard on, broke your back over, cried over, and reluctantly trusted to someone else just callously throw it away. When they abuse it, beat it up, and tear it apart... well it hurts.

My house. The house where Tim and I spent the first 4 years of our life together. We had some nasty fights there. We cried together there. We built our family in that house. We slaved over it. Painting, refinishing, laying down new floors. We took this ugly little house and turned it into a beautiful home.

In February 2008, we made the decision together that he would volunteer for orders. We knew that time there was limited. So we decided the best thing for us, as a family, was to volunteer to go somewhere we wanted to be rather than take the chance that we could get orders later to somewhere we didn't want to be. Sunny versus a snowbank... or something. In March he got his orders, and by June we had moved south.

We tried to sell it. I could whine about how the economy screwed us, but the economy is screwing everyone in some form or another. No sense in preaching to the choir. Ultimately, we rented it out. I rented it out. It was slim pickens. So I picked the ones that I thought were going to work out best. Ones that I thought would appreciate the house and take care of it. Maybe even polish it up a little bit more.

Fast forward to this weekend. No rent. No phone call. I had been trying to call them and we hadn't heard anything. Since Tim was in town, he decided to drive by. Lo and behold there's a damn U-haul truck in the driveway. So they left. Not such a big deal.

Leaving I can deal with... what came after, I can't.

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